A Statewide Stewardship to Save Texas Water

Water Conservation is a mission and responsibility shared by many in the State of Texas.  It is an interest and commitment shared between planners, managers, consumers, landowners, businesses and the citizens of Texas.

Join us in recognizing the winners of the 2015 Blue Legacy Awards in Agricultural, Manufacturing, and Municipal Water Conservation!

Texas is no stranger to drought.  The Texas Water Development Board monitors conditions and provides assistance in times of drought as well as providing links to learn more about current conditions in Texas.  See TWDB's Drought Resource page for additional information.

"Both the historic drought of the 1950s and the current drought in Texas have been significant catalysts to change in water conservation throughout the state.  Leaders, communities and citizens have come together to help ensure that there are reliable water resources.  The 2012 State Water Plan recommends 35% more acre-feet per year of water conservation savings than in 2010.  The Water Conservation Advisory Council works diligently to develop and promote innovative water conservation strategies so that future generations in Texas will continue to enjoy plentiful drinking water." Presiding Chair C. E. Williams

Drought Information:

Texas Drought Preparedness Council

Texas Water Development Board's Drought Resources


State Climatologist:

Office of State Climatologist

Texas Drought Officially the Worst One-Year Drought Ever

Conservation Resources

Conservation Resources Texas Water Development Board offers materials and resources to support conservation and education efforts.


Council Workgroups

Council Workgroups Stay current on the activities and progress of the workgroups that interest you.


State Water Plan

State Water Plan The plan addresses future water supplies, water conservation, and the projections for future water requirements.